A Harper gift for the Festive Season

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Remembering the boys on the shop floor

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has raised insurance premiums for salaried workers and their employers in the New Year.

That means the average worker will pay about $100 more this year than he paid in employment insurance in 2010. His employer will pay about $130 more for each employee.

If you’re an employer, it’s only a pittance more to hire another worker.  If you’re a worker it’s only a little more off the old pay cheque.

Don’t complain. Harper needs your money. And it’s only the second year in a row he’s raised E.I. premiums. 

After all there are about 400,000 unemployed in Canada right now. That’s only 600 000 fewer full-time jobs than before the recession. Sooner or later we’ll catch up. Don’t worry.

As Harper always says, we’re far better off than the rest of the world. There’s nothing to worry about as long as he’s running things.

The increased check-off will be another $600 million in federal kitty. Harper needs it badly. The federal debt is up $556 billion this year, and another $29 billion deficit expected this year.

That's understandable. Fighter jets cost money. So do new navy ships, and waging wars around the world, $2 billion summits in Toronto and bringing our good old Queen over to help us celebrate her 60th anniversary on the throne.

Every red cent counts this year. Workers and employers have to do their part to help Harper in these hard times.

Much better workers and employers pay just a little bit more, than Harper raising taxes on big companies, banks and oil companies in Alberta.

Not wise to upset the big companies.

That must be why Harper and Flaherty reduced tax rates of the big companies down from 16.5% last year to 15% this year. It adds up to another $ 6 billion less going into the federal coffers, but they will be most grateful.

And small business? Ah well, they can wait until next year, but they have to believe in Santa Claus.


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