Prison jobs for laid off public servants

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Harper's brilliant job exchange plan

Prison jobs!


Prime Minister Stephen Harper is laying off some 4,000 public servants this year, desperately trying to balance his federal budget.

This week he dumped another 60 climatologists, biologists and researchers in the environment ministry. Not a happy place to work these days.

But there is good news for pencil pushers. Harper has gone on a hiring blitz for his new prisons – the biggest blitz in Canadian history. He’s looking for There’ll be  4,000 workers for new jails and expanded prisons across the country. 

The construction contracts have already gone out, extensions are being built, and cells are being doubled bunked.

The omnibus crime legislation expected to double our prison population within a few years is is expected to pass through parliament next month

Those new prison jobs are a lot better than those of the grumpy guards we used to see walking the corridors with keys in the old black-and-white movies.

What arperHarper needs to take care of his new prisoners will be program officers, parole officers, health professionals and technical and support staff, all the way down the line to cleaners, cooks, truck drivers, electricians, and yes, welders.  And yes guards too, but they don’t have to be grumpy.

Those jobs may not be perfect fits for former office-desk public servants, but they sure beat being out on the pavement, and besides, those uniforms are smart-looking.

If Pierre Trudeau could turn unemployed Cape Breton miners into Louisbourg tour guides two generations ago, surely Stephen Harper can make prison guards out of his jobless public servants.

The Correctional Service of Canada runs 57 penal institutions of varying security levels, which hold about 14,222 inmates.

By the end of 2014, if Harper’s new “fill-up-the-cells” law works out as he hopes, 2,700 more prisoners will be filling up his new prisons.

Harper hopes to prove, despite everything to the contrary from the United States, that his new “swallow-the-key” approach and his tougher, costlier tough-on-crime measures will lead to safer communities.

He plansIn addition to expanding existing institutions, CSC’s plan includes making to make extensive use of double-bunking, just like those jail-house scenes featured in the old black-and-white movies.

That means ignoring the recent United Nations admonition against double-bunking, which won’t make arper popular Hhhhh Harper popular at the UN.  

That doesn’t bother Harper. It was clear long ago what he thinks of the United Nations. . . .and what they think of him.


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