NDP hammer Lise St-Denis for leaving

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Lise St-Denis is going to the Liberals...


When Lise St-Denis left the NDP to join the Liberals last week, that might have been the end of it. She would have taken a seat on the backbenches and melted into the background. Done deal. Move on.

Not so. The new NDP knows how to fight. And to keep the elbows up when it feels like it. The party of gentlemanly Jack Layton went on the offensive and launched a nasty campaign against St-Denis worthy of the finest Conservative organizer.


The NDP hired Strategic Communications who rolled out a ‘robo-caller’ automatic dialing machine which began calling up every single one of the 40,000 voters in her St. Maurice-Champlain riding.

“How do you feel about your turn-coat MP? If you would like to tell her just press the “1” digit on your telephone key pad.”

The automatic dialer took care of the rest, switching the call to St-Denis’ Parliament Hill office one call after another endlessly day and night.

It didn’t take long to jam up all the lines. St-Denis’ secretaries were furious. They couldn’t do any work. She complained to Bob Rae, to Bell Canada, to the NDP, to Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer.  It was no use. The calls just kept coming.

Enough to make St-Denis rue the day she crossed the floor to the Liberals.  Where does political calling end and crank calling begin?

Just like Conservatives have been doing in Mount-Royal to Liberal Irwin Cotler.

This was just the start against St-Denis. The NDP set up a dump St-Denis petition on the internet, to force her to resign and run again in a by-election. It picked up 1,600 names.

Interim party leader Nycole Turmel showed up with two New Democrat MPs in Grand-Mère to demonstrate in front of St-Denis’ riding office.

Two MPs were appointed to look after what the dippers called the “orphan” riding. “Orphan?” as if St-Denis had disappeared off the face of the earth.

One of the two MPs happens to be Ruth Ellen Brosseau, she of Las Vegas fame. “Match you and raise you two votes.”

The New Democrats were pleased with their stunt, the sort of thing that the Conservatives have specialized in for the past six years.

Who says the NPD isn’t organized up to scratch?






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